• Hello and welcome to the Mevarius experience!

    A different approach to Electronic Care Management.

  • What We Do

    A new and innovative way to monitor provision of care... and more

    Scheduling & Rostering

    Plan and allocate your resources.....

    • Manage and Schedule staff more effectively
    • Auto or manual allocation as required
    • Create and change the rotas with ease... you're in control
    • Adaptable to your organisation and to Service User

    Electronic Monitoring

    Robust and Real-Time

    • Requires physical on-site attendance
    • Enhanced connectivity (no mobile phones required)
    • Very Simple to use for staff (swipe in/out)
    • Real-Time Alert/Notification to a phone, tablet or computer
    • High levels of Automation Timesheets/Billing/Mileage


    Analysis & Statistics

    • Manage & Report on Compliance
    • Monitor, track and report on staff visits
    • Verify actual performance against the schedule/plan
    • Use pre-defined templates or create your own
    • Use the statistical analysis to develop action plans

    Family, Friends....

    Transparency of Care ........

    • Allow loved ones secure internet access to User records
    • Restrict levels of access as you require
    • Extend access as you require to Carers, CQC, GPs, Social-Workers, Nurses or others

    Care Documentation

    Ensure correct provision of care and compliance ........

    • Suite of compliant Care Documentation provided
    • Care Plans
    • Medication Records
    • Risk Assessments etc
  • Solution Benefits

    Enhance your organisation .......


    Making for a more compliant organisation...

    • Service User centric solution
    • Physical presence required on-site
    • Precise and real-time timings and durations of visits
    • Alerts for late/no-shows safeguarding Service Users
    • Suite of compliant care documentation
    • Alerts for time-sensitive delivery of medication
    • Easy access to data for compliance reporting
    • Demonstrate organisation is well-led

    Operational Efficiencies

    Ensure your resources are being used effectively .....

    • Plan and schedule your staff more effectively
    • Allocate appropriate staff to Service Users
    • Electronically monitor against plan
    • Very simple to use for frontline staff (swipe in/out)
    • Auto updates directly from  source so do away with manual inputs e.g. timesheets, billing, mileage calcs etc.


    Improve your returns.....

    • Pay for precise times staff actually work
    • Save on processing time and errors through auto updates of timesheets, invoices, mileage as required
    • Save on expensive mobile phone costs (mobiles not a requirement for this solution)
    • Prices are per Service User so only pay for what you need (no requirement for additional user access licences)

    Service and Revenue Enhancement

    Help your organisation to grow .....

    • Create enhanced service and fees through providing discrete visibility to friends and family of the details of care and visits being received
    • Gain competitive edge and improve bidding success rates for new work through offering such visibility  

    Value for Money

    The solution offers unparalleled value.....

    • Realise savings 
    • Enhance revenues
    • Only pay for what you need as based on Service User
    • Rental model which includes support and telecoms* so costs are fixed and known well in advance
    • No up-front costs so no capex requirement, set up fees, or training costs (training is provided foc)
    • Simple to implement and use

    * text alerts are the only extra if required

  • The Technology

    Take a look and enjoy the simplicity....

    The Process...

    No Land line...No Mobile Phone...No QR Codes...

    No Internet...Just plug-in and... switch on.


    Solution Summary

    • An innovative inexpensive solution that ticks all the right boxes in regards to CQC compliance
    • A low cost rental model with no up front costs FREE NO OBLIGATION TRIAL**
    • Functionality to ensure staff accountability and efficiencies to minimise costs and maximise returns
    • A new enhanced solution to provide competitive edge to help organisations win new work
    • An offering that can be assessed in your organisation prior to use,this allows for an objective and real-world evaluation of the Mevarius solution as it applies to your organisation and its delivery of services.

    ** Yes it is totally free!!!

    What you get...

    No risk.... No nonsense.... No complexity.... No hidden costs.... No mobile phone data issues

    Leaving you to focus on delivering high-quality care.

  • The Team

    We're on a mission to connect you to the people who care the most.

    The Mevarius Team

    Keith Shaw, Mark Nicholls, John Reid, Dave Parry

    The Mevarius Team at Health+ Care 2015

  • The Journey

    Where has the solution come from and why ?

    Where did it start .......


    It started with an experienced development team having established previous track record in providing low cost personnel-based solutions seeking new areas in which to apply their skills and latest technology.


    In line with previous successes, their goal was to provide a solution that added clear value to Front Line Operations while enhancing both an organisation's Back-office and Compliance abilities.


    The Care Industry appeared to be the ideal beneficiary for such a solution as research confirmed that organisations were  crying out for low cost easy-to-use technology to improve efficiencies and address the squeeze being faced on their operating margins while also having to cope with increasing burdens of compliance.


    Therefore, with the above objectives at the forefront, the Mevarius solution was developed with close guidance from the care industry. Following the development and very successful field testing this straightforward solution was released to the market. Since then the interest has been substantial and Mevarius continues to add significant value to a number of organisations providing both Domiciliary and Residential Care.


    The journey continues…..


  • Who's Talking About Us

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Since undertaking the trial with the Mevarius solution

    we have found it not only saves us money but also

    has added a better working dynamic to the company.

     Overall a more accurate, user friendly

    and a better money saving option than so many others on the market.

    The systems ease of use is a big selling point.

    Sam Dahya - Owner IHI Care


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